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Along with Conceptual Learning process

“Those who think Social Science is a tough subject can change their mind now as Target Learning app is presenting a new way of learning process to make it very easy"

Target Learning app is the first mobile learning app which provides recorded sessions and live classes by the same teachers with a proper schedule.

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  • Conceptual learning process with proper schedule
  • Engaging video lessons from best teachers
  • Weekly 6 hours of Live interactive sessions by same teachers
  • Syllabus aligned Chapterwise videos & chapter tests
  • Series of Artificial Intelligence enabled examinations
  • Personalized career planning & support by our career counsellors
SSLC History(EM) | Focus Area Revision | Chapter 7| Previous Year Qn Paper Discussion
SSLC History(EM) | Focus Area Revision | Chapter 3| Previous Year Qn Paper Discussios

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